Update on Nepal Earthquake Response and Action - Tuesday May 12th, 2015

On Tuesday, May 12th, another strong earthquake (magnitude 7.3) rocked Nepal east of Kathmandu. Strong aftershocks followed, one of which reached magnitude 6.3. To the best of our knowledge, our staff and their families were unharmed, but we have yet to obtain a full reporting. The news is worrying, with weakened buildings collapsing and additional rural districts hard-hit, particularly to the east. People are extremely stressed and saddened, with no idea when the aftershocks might end.

Nevertheless, local generosity has been remarkable. Our office in Kathmandu is filled with donations of clothing, and our staff is contributing money, personal items, and their own labor to help their neighbors. Our heartfelt thanks if you have already provided support. If you haven’t, please consider making a donation today.

Our top priority now is to reach hard-hit villages we have known for years, particularly in the districts of Rasuwa, Dhading, Gorkha, Solukhumbu, and Sankhuwasabha, where many houses have been leveled. With your contributions, we are collaborating with government, NGOs, and local partners to deliver supplies including food, tarps, and other materials. To date, we have focused on filling in a critical gap in assistance through providing “baby packages” for mothers with infants. A major gift is enabling us to provide supplies to get remote schools functioning soon.

We are already looking beyond relief operations. Reconnaissance trips will be vital to gather information on conditions and provide additional assistance in remote areas. Shelter will need to be in place before the June onset of the monsoon. Local farmers need seeds and other agricultural supplies for the planting season starting next month. More substantial housing will be needed by winter.

With our long history, deep connections, and extensive networks in Nepal's most remote regions, The Mountain Institute is uniquely qualified to ensure that resources have maximum impact and that assistance reaches communities in need. Please consider making a gift to The Mountain Institute today.

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