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Great Mountain Trails of the World Map

We received helpful feedback on the great mountain trails of the world blog post, including the suggestion to add a new trail: the Lebanon Mountain Trail.  Below is a location map of the long-distance mountain trails we’ve identified so far.

We would be really interested to know if there is anyone who has hiked all these trails.


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9 Responses to Great Mountain Trails of the World Map

  1. Thank you for posting the Lebanon Mountain Trail on your map, we are grateful to announce you that this 440km trail has been walked 3 consecutive year by Lebanese and foreign trekkers from 2007 til 2011 in each April, we will walk the entire trail this coming April 2012.We invite you to get in contact with us as the Lebanon Mountain Trail Association at:

    Many thanks and happy trails,
    Christian Akhrass

  2. Ina Rihani says:

    I experienced hiking on the Lebanon Mountain Trail (LMT) for three days in April, 2010. It was a wonderful experience! The trail and nature of Lebanon are so beautiful! The LMTA provides well trained guides, comfortable guesthouse arrangements, delicious food, and fabulous hospitality. I highly recommend the Lebanon Mountain Trail to hikers around the world, for it will be remarkably memorable!

  3. Mouna Moussi says:

    I had a wonderful experience on Lebanon Mountain trail 2012, here is one share Written on 13 April 2012 after experiencing a wonderful journey with LMT from Jezzine- NIha- Maaser el Shouf- Baruk- Ain Zhalta:

    Ode to the Mountain-

    Every day it offers a new sight, a new spirit and a fresh breath;

    It does not do an effort to change, to look different, and to show its beauty;

    It all happens naturally, genuinely.

    Every time i rediscover myself through a walk a hike a jump, i am reborn;

    It could be the challenge, the discipline, the silence, the solid grounds and strenght around;

    Silent, yet so expressive and loud;

    The sound of the springs, of the snow being crushed and molded to fit “Me”, my steps, my soul;

    The wind that blows from all sides and takes the sight in all directions, the spirit floating without limits;

    Extreme and sweet feelings, thoughts of fearless moments;

    Around were waves of mountains;

    I was eye to eye with tops of mountains;

    I felt drunk up in the air;

    Drunk to the extent i believed i was equal to them;

    Freedom is the water i drank.

    Again and again and again – I would do it;

    Step by step – All is created;

    With love and respect, i bow to God’s creation, to Nature.

  4. Maria Achy says:

    after hiking the entire Lebanon mountain trail from north to south, Hana el hibri wrote a book about it!!! if you don’t have time to read it just look at the pictures… awesome!

  5. Frank Pagram says:

    Depending on the criteria for a trail to be classified as one of the “great mountain trails of the world”, the Australian Alps Walking Track might be added to the map:

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