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Compassion from the mountains – A message about Hurricane Sandy

Last week we at The Mountain Institute received the attached emails from our partners and staff from the mountain of Nepal and Peru, expressing concern for our safety and that of the American people during Hurricane Sandy. The messages came from a staff member posted to one of the most remote villages in NW Nepal and from another partner living in a mountain village in the Cordillera Blanca of the Central Andes. These messages demonstrate several things. First, we live in an interconnected, global world; where friends, staff, partners and colleagues are both aware of what is happening in the US and have the means to voice their concerns. This is truly amazing, as some of the TMI work sites are in extremely remote and inaccessible places, at least physically.  Second, and perhaps more importantly, these emails and the concern they demonstrate show the deep compassion that mountain people have for one another, even when separated by great distances and vast cultural and economic differences. We are pleased to share these messages with you, and to share our own hopes and concerns that all friends of the mountains and of The Mountain Institute who felt the wrath of Hurricane Sandy can also feel the compassion sent by our partners and friends from remote places where we work.

Dear friends,
Let me tell you that my family and I are so sorry because the news we heard about the huge storm.
I am feeling so sad because the terrible impacts of Hurricane Sandy. I hope deeply that you and your families  are in good conditions even though the current conditions must be very hard for all of you.
Please receive my modest solidarity with you.
César Portocarrero
Dear Sir,
This is the very painful moment for us to say that Hurricane Sandy has affected US people (basically east side citizens).This is to say that effects of natural disasters can be reduced but can’t be stopped.
On this very, very painful situation I pray God for the recovery of affected people as soon as possible.
I would also like to wish for the safe and normal conditon for you and your family members along with your relatives.
Amrit Dahal
Humla, Nepal

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