Board of Trustees

William Beddow
Director, Emerging Markets Governmental Affairs, Caterpillar Inc. (retired)
Bethesda, Maryland
Walter W. Arensberg
Managing Director, Social Capital Group LLC
Washington, DC
Tony Barclay
Chief Executive Officer, DAI (retired)
Potomac, Maryland
Richard Boucher
US Ambassador (retired)
Former Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia
Former Deputy Secretary General OECD
Washington, D.C.
Susan Braatz
Senior Forestry Officer, Forests and Climate Change, FAO
Rome, Italy
J. Gabriel Campbell, Ph.D.
Director General, ICIMOD (retired)
Kathmandu, Nepal and Conway Lake, Michigan
Michael Gill
Executive Director, The Commission for Educational Exchange between the U.S. & Nepal (retired)
Cutchogue, New York and Kathmandu, Nepal
Volker Heiden
Vice President of Finance for Caribbean and Latin America, Marriott Hotels
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Ruth Taylor Kidd
Alexandria, Virginia
Rose M. Likins
US Ambassador (retired)
Arlington, Virginia
Augusta Molnar
Director of Country/Regional Programs, Rights and Resources Initiative (retired)
Washington, D.C.
Robin Murphy
Senior VP of Marketing and Communications, The Conservation Fund
Arlington, VA
Nikunj Shah

Software Developer, The Vanguard Group
Malvern, Pennsylvania
Jed Shilling
Senior Economist, World Bank (retired)
Purcellville, Virginia
Joe Teplitz

Senior Managing Partner, Gartner Consulting 
Oakmont, Pennsylvania
Andrew Taber, Ph.D. (ex officio)
Executive Director, The Mountain Institute
Arlington, Virginia
Ganesh Thapa
Regional Economist, Asia and the Pacific Division, IFAD (retired)
Rome, Italy

Honorary Trustees

Edward C. Armbrecht, Jr.
Charleston, West Virginia
Bob Davis
Franklin, West Virginia
Thomas Eastman, Esq.
Baltimore, Maryland
King Seegar, M.D.
Franklin, West Virginia
Eklabya Sharma, Ph.D.
Kathmandu, Nepal
Elsie Walker
Chevy Chase, Maryland
Michael Wiehen
Munich, Germany
Robert Whitby
Greenwich, Connecticut