Mt. Fuji-Mt. Rainier Teacher Training and Curriculum Development Project


This project invites students and teachers to explore similarities between the United States and Japan through the thorough study of two of the world‘s tallest mountains—Mt. Fuji and Mt. Rainier. Students learn about the landscapes, people, culture and environments of the mountains and surrounding areas.

In August, 2010 six Japanese high school teachers spent a week at the beautiful Mt. Rainier National Park, the first of two exchange workshops following last year’s lesson plan development activities. During the week, the project’s six U.S. “Teacher-Ranger-Teachers” walked the Japanese teachers through four lesson plans that they had developed, including “Mapping the Ring of Fire,” “Creating a Sense of Place,” “Two Mountains, Two Peoples,” and “Postcards to a Friend.” Each lesson plan was reviewed in both the classroom and the field (above photo).  Related articles by TMI’s Director of Science and Research, Alton Byers, and Mt. Rainier National Park Education Specialist Lee Taylor were published in the journal Education About Asia.  In August, 2011, the six U.S. teachers, Mt. Rainier, and TMI staff will visit Japan for a week where our Japanese partners will demonstrate the Fuji-based lessons that they are now in the process of finalizing.