Finding and Using Open Education Resources

On the right sidebar, under the heading "Education Resources," are five search engines for different education resource web sites:
DiscoverEd is an experimental project from Creative Commons which attempts to provide scalable search and discovery for educational resources on the web. Simply type your query into the search box and hit "Search."
The National Science Digital Library is a very large collection of resources and partners science education resources for all grades.. 
OER Commons Search engine uses smaller and various open resource sites like OER Commons Wiki, Curriki, and other sites with open education resources that are all searched simultaneously with one search engine.
The U.S. Government Publications Search the USGS also possess a separate search engine for their publications, web pages, and documents.
This project uses creative commons licensed educational materials.  Legally different than copyrighted material, creative commons material is available to the public for use with certain restrictions from the author of the content.