Youth Engagement in Watershed Groups - Watershed EYES


FODC YAB members on Spruce Knob during leadership training

Watershed Groups Engaging Youth in Environmental Service Learning (Watershed EYES) has been developed through a partnership between Friends of Deckers Creek and The Mountain Institute.

We want to help you start your own youth advisory board!

Benefit from The Mountain Institute's 40 years of experience creating tomorrow’s leaders, and Friends of Deckers Creek 8 years of successful youth advisory board development and implementation.

Watershed EYES is a successful model for leadership education and stewardship that supports the growth of watershed group youth advisory boards. We are now looking to involve additional watershed groups who want to develop a youth advisory board of their own.

Join the Watershed EYES community:

·  On-site planning visits by The Mountain Institute and Friends of Deckers Creek

·  Tools for recruiting youth and presenting youth led activities in your community

·  A 5-day leadership retreat at The Mountain Institute's Spruce Knob Mountain Center where your youth advisory board members practice skills including: communication, team work, critical thinking, problem solving, trust, decision making and more while bonding through adventure and reflection

·  Hands-on assistance by The Mountain Institute and Friends of Deckers Creek through the first year as your youth advisory board develops and begins to facilitate service-learning activities on their own

Get kids involved and your community will follow!

Contact Kevin Stitzinger at for more information

FODC's youth stewardship team

The Mountain Institute and Friends of Deckers Creek have heard from some rural watershed organizations who are interested in the Watershed EYES model but do not have a critical mass of youth and/or internal resources to launch a Watershed EYES style YAB. To meet the needs of such rural organizations The Mountain Institute and Friends of Deckers Creek would like to develop a program that connects small groups of 2 or 3 youth from various watershed organization communities across the state, and support those youth and personnel of the watershed organizations at an annual meeting and online so more communities can benefit. If you are interested helping to develop and implement a model along these lines please contact